International Journal of Soil and Crop Sciences

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Effect of Distillery Industry Effluent on Fertility of Soil and Crops

Jibril Goli and Omprakash Sahu




Accepted 8th May, 2014


Industries effluents are the major source of water pollution, which disturb the life cycle of the living thing on Earth. The physicochemical parameters of the some industry are very high which affect not only the crop growth but decreases the fertility of the soil. In that regard’s distillery industry is one of them. The work focus on the effect of distillery industry wastewater on the seed germination of Triticum aestivum, Arachis hypogaea and Vigna radiate crops. The investigation was carried out with different concentration of effluent for seed germination, root length, shoot length, fresh weight and dry weight of crops.


Keywords: Biological; contaminates; concentration; effluent; growths; pollutants