International Journal of Soil and Crop Sciences

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Effect of Phosphorus fertilizer on yield and yield components of chickpea/cicer arietinum) at Kelemeda, South Wollo, Ethiopia

Seid Hussen,Fikrte Yirga, Fetelwork Tibebu

A filed experiment was carried out to study the effect of varying levels of phosphorus (T1= 0kg/ha, T2= 30kg/ha, T3= 60kg /ha, T4=90kg/ha and T5 =120kg/ha) on growth performance and yield of chickpea (Cicer –arietinum)   variety Aratiy at the experimental field of Wollo university, Kelem meda, during winter season in 2013. The results revealed that phosphorus levels significantly affected plant height, number of branches per plant and number of pods per plant. The maximum plant height (39.25cm) was recorded from plots received 60kg P 2O 5 ha -1, while the minimum plant height (32.5cm) was recorded from the control. Similarly higher number of branches per plant was recorded from the same treatment. The maximum number of pods per plant (49) was observed from the application of 60kg P 2O 5 ha -1. Generally the results revealed that the application of 60kg P2O5 ha -1 better performance in all of the parameters studied. However this research was conducted using irrigation, in one location and season. Thus, it should be replicated in multi location and season so as to assure the results of the experiment.


Keywords: experiment, chickpea, phosphorus, pods per plant