International Journal of Medical and Clinical Sciences

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Anti-mosquito repellent from Artemisia Annua

Seid Yimer and Omprakash Sahu




Accepte10th May, 2014


Malaria is one of the dangerous diseases, which are occurred due to mosquitoes. The mosquitoes are increase day by day’s industrial growth and awareness. Protection from arthropod bites is best achieved by avoiding infested habitats, wearing protective clothing, and using insect repellent. In many circumstances, applying repellent to the skin may be the only feasible way to protect against insect bites. Given that a single bite from an infected arthropod can result in transmission of disease, it is important to know which repellent products can be relied on to provide predictable and prolonged protection from insect bites. Commercially available insect repellents can be divided into two categories synthetic chemicals and plant derived essential oils. In that extracted oil are more effective, non-sticky; non-toxic and environmentally friendly; safer on sensitive skins and some can be used on children as young reduced irritation; harmless to most plastics and fabrics. The aim of the work is to use extracted oil from Artemisia Annua as anti-mosquitoes repellent. The extracted oil was used with eucalyptus oil, neem oil and rose oil. The better performance shows by Artemisia Annua with eucalyptus oil combination. Up to 2 hours not single bite by female’s mosquitoes


Keywords: Antibiotics; Biological; Diseases; Eucalyptus; oil; Rose