International Journal of Agricultural Research and Reviews

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A case Study on Poultry Marketing and Trade in Juba County, South Sudan

Milton M. Lado*, Ereno B. Ochi, Philip W. Marchelo-Draga




Accepted 23rd June, 2020.


A ten-week study was conducted in Juba County to determine the driving forces of marketing and trade of poultry products. 36 respondents were interviewed using semi-structure questionnaires. Data and information were obtained from both primary and secondary sources and Descriptive analysis was presented .Results showed that poultry product traders include different age group and both sexes; 63.88% females and 36.11% males.  Women and children are solely responsible for poultry keeping at household with 38.89% and 33.33% respectively. Capital acquisitions from personal saving 52.78% and borrowed from friends 47.22%.  The potential buyers are Hotel and Restaurant firms 61.11%, individual consumers 25%, and other buyers 13.89%. The consumers’ preferences wereIndbro Fast Broiler 6%, Ross 308 Broiler 22%, Indbro Rainbow Roaster from Uganda 42% and other local breeds produced in Juba County 30%.  The consumption pattern of frozen chicken accounted for 72%, Indbro Rainbow Roaster from Uganda 17% and other local breeds produced in Juba County 11%.  The supply of poultry differs from one market to another.  Poultry keeping helps women supplement home economy which provides an economic empowerment and self-reliance.


Key words: Poultry Marketing, Poultry Products, Broilers, Layers, Consumption patterns,