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Productivity and nutrient use efficiency of yam bean (Pachyrhizus erosus L. Urban) genotypes in Ilocos Norte, Philippines

Jocelyn A. Bernabe



Accepted 11th July, 2015


A field experiment was conducted in three sites of Ilocos Norte, Philippines from March 2008 to March 2009: to evaluate the growth and yield performance of yam bean genotypes grown at different sites; determine the nutrient-use efficiency of yam bean genotypes grown at varying fertilizer treatments; and, compute for the cost and return analysis of the different yam bean genotypes grown at varying fertilizer treatments and sites in Ilocos Norte.

The experiment was laid out in split-plot design with fertilizer treatments (control, organic, 50% organic fertilizer + 50% inorganic fertilizer) as the main-plot factors and genotypes (G1, G2, G3, G4 and G5) as the sub-plot. Results were tested and compared across three sites.

Generally, fertilizer significantly affected yield and yield contributing characters in all sites but not all with genotypes. 

In site 1, fertilizer significantly affected days to germinate, flower and mature as well as root characteristics, Crop Growth Rate, Dry Matter Production, Harvest Index, yield and  Potassium uptake, PFPN and AEN while the rest were not significantly affected.  The application of 50% OF + 50% IF with G3 was found out to be best in this site with

In site 2, fertilizer significantly affected days to germinate, flower, and mature, shoot fresh and dry weights, yield, N uptake and PFPN.  The use of 50% OF + 50% IF  with G3 and G4 was also found to be beneficial for it results to best with regards to yield and yield characters as well as nutrient efficiencies.

For Site 3, as was observed, OF application to the plants resulted to best plant performance and returns, and the genotype best for the area was G4 or G1.

To improve yield and other plant characters as well as enhance soil fertility conditions, the use of organic fertilizer can be done since this is the cheapest, locally available, and gives high returns.


Keywords:  genotypes, productivity, yambean, organic fertilizer (OF), inorganic fertilizer (IF)