International Journal of Agricultural Research and Reviews

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Cultivation of Pitahaya (Hylocereus undatus) in three soil types of Guyana

Susy Lewis




Accepted 19th January, 2015


The study is aimed to investigate the adaptability of Pitahaya (Hylocerous undatus) cactus and to investigate the best soil type for its cultivation in Guyana. Three soil types were chosen namely: White sand, Sandy loam and Clay. A total of twelve replicate were established within four treatments. Treatment one (T1) contain white sand, treatment two (T2) Clay, Treatment three (T3) Sandy loam and Treatment four White sand with cow manure. One plantulate was planted in each replicate. Stem (main vine) height, diameter and shoot appearance were measured, recorded and analyzed. The study was conducted for thirty weeks period. Measurements were collected over a twenty six weeks period. The data collected was analyzed using Duncan’s Multiple Range test. ANOVA table was used to test whether there was any significant difference among treatment.  Results obtained have shown that Pitahaya (Hylocerous undatus) significant differences exist between White sand with cow manure and White sand; and White sand with manure and Clay however there was no significant difference between white sand with manure and sandy loam in relation to height. Results also showed that white sand has a value of zero or no growth, however White sand with manure (T1) showed the greatest shoot appearance for the four treatments follows by treatment two (Clay) and treatment three (Sandy loam) respectively.  It  was observed that for the twenty six (26) week of data collection treatment three  (Sandy loam, Replicate one and 3  showed shoot appearance of approximately fourteen (14) days after the main vine was planting. Based on the result of this study I can said that Pitahaya (Hylocerous undatus) grow well in White sand with manure, Clay soils and Sandy loam however will not grow well in White sand.


Keywords: Pitahaya, Hylocerous undatus, Dragon fruit, Cactus succulent.