International Journal of Agricultural Research and Reviews

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Predicting the Distribution Of Dangerous Apple Tree Diseases According to the Layers Of Water Drains

R. Ruzmetov, I. Abdullaev⃰, Yu. Matyakubova, G. Azatova




Accepted 9th July, 2019.


This article highlights the change of underground water level in the apple gardens of the Renet Simireko sorts under the conditions of the dry, humid climate of Khorezm region where the underground waters of Uzbekistan are located shallowly.The information was analyzed in connection with the spread of the most dangerous cytosporosis disorders. Compared with literary sources associated with the decline in plant immunity, it has been shown that under the conditions of Khorezm, where underground water is close to the ground, the reduction of plant immunity and comfortable conditions for the development of Cytosporosis occurred. In thedisease control system, it is recommended to rapidly monitor the groundwater level gradually.


Keywords: Cytospora, fungus, pathogen, smirenko, mineralization, immunity, drainage water.