International Journal of Agricultural Research and Reviews

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Evaluation of Third National Fadama Development Project (Fadama Iii) in Kogi State, Nigeria

Igbele Patience Omale1, Torjape Samuel Demenongu2* and Mohammed Yahaya3




Accepted 21st May,2018


The purpose of the study was to evaluate the impact of (NFDP III) in Kogi State. The study was conducted among three FCA groups which include Okpo, Imane and Emabu. Stratified random sampling technique was used to select 30 respondents from each FCAs. Data were obtained through the administration of structured questionnaire. Data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistics and t-test. The FCAs consented in varying degrees that warehouse, fishpond, wells, and milling machines were facilities provided for them by the Fadama Development Project. The result of the t-test analysis showed that FCAs had higher income after joining the NFDP III. It was observed that the major factors limiting the performance of FCAs in the study area were poor coordination/planning of cost sharing programme, dishonesty/corruption among facilitators, high cost of production service, late distribution of inputs and inadequate fund. The study recommends that Fadama Development Project staff be adequately trained and credit facilities in form of agricultural loan be made available and accessible to FCAs while inputs should be distributed early enough before the planting season at a subsidized rate.


Keywords: Fadama Project, Fadama Community Associations, Facilities, Farm Income