International Journal of Agricultural Research and Reviews

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Organic and inorganic fertilizer use for increased maize yield

1,2Kugbe X. Joseph, 2Matey Duut, 2Dhobia Amadu Abdul-Rahman




Accepted 12th November, 2019


Maize is an important crop across the globe. In sub-Saharan Africa, maize is a staple food for an estimated 50 % of the population and provides 50 % of the basic calories. It is also an important feed source for livestock. By far, poor soil fertility of tropical soils remains the most important constraint to the profitable cultivation of the crop in this region due to its high demand for nutrients. Improvement and sustainability in the yield of maize can be attained through adequate and balance supply of nutrients by applying both organic and inorganic soil amendments. This review is therefore aimed at discussing the role of organic and inorganic soil amendments in enhancing the yield of maize.


Keywords: Plant nutrition, maize, soil fertility, yield, poor soil