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Evaluation Of Different Amaranth (Amaranthus Spp L.) Varieties For Yield And Yield Components In Response To Intra Row Spacing At Jimma, South West Ethiopia

*1Ebisa Dufera Bongase, 2Ambecha Olika Gemachis and 3Edossa Etissa



Accepted 26th March, 2019


The objective of present study was to identify suitable amaranth varieties/variety and optimum intra row spacing for high leaf and seed yield.  Data were collected from yield components and yield for analysis. The data were analyzed using SAS version (9.3) software and significant treatment means were separated using Tukey test at LSD (p<0.05). The earliest days to 50% flowering (23.67) and days to maturity (58.33) were observed with variety AH-NL- Sel. The maximum plant height (228cm) was registered by Madiira1 variety planted at 15 cm intra-row spacing while the maximum number of leaves per plant (345.7) by Madiira2 variety planted at 35 cm. The maximum number of branches per plant (34.07) recorded by Madiira2 variety planted at35cm. The maximum grain  yield per plant ( 34.22 g and 32.9 g) were registered by varieties TZMN102-Sel and AH-NL-Sel, respectively  planted at 35 cm intra row spacing, where as  the highest grain yield per hectare (1802 kg ha-1 and 1786  kg ha-1) were recorded by TZSMN102-Sel and AH-NL-Sel, respectively planted at 15 cm intra row spacing. Therefore amaranth varieties TZSMN102-Sel and AH-NL-Sel planted at 15cm and Madiira2 planted at 25 cm intra row spacing were found comparable for grain and leaf yield respectively.


Keywords: Amaranthus spp; intra-row spacing; leaf yield; seed yield; varieties