International Journal of Agricultural Research and Reviews

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The land’s degradation as counterpart of Tanganyika blue economy.

Antoine Kantiza



Accepted 21st June, 2017


This paper focuses on the findings of the mystery of burners of Gicumbi Mountain located in the South-West of Burundi nearby the Tanganyika lake. Before the colonial era, the common conviction for people living around Gicumbi highlighted that the burning of Gicumbi Mountain was the fact of ghosts. Since and after the colonial era, administration rule accepted as truth that the shepherds of cows were responsible of burning Gicumbi. The current paper proves that the actors of blue economy were more likely involved in burning Gicumbi Mountain, asserting in the same time that fisher men of Burundi acknowledged a long time ago, the close link between the land litter driven by livestock and the marine production


Keywords: Agriculture; Blue economy; Burundi; Erosion; Fisher men; Gicumbi; Guards of cows; Land litter; Livestock; Marine production; Mystery of burners; Tanganyika