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Suggested method for evaluation of agarwood oil quality,

Associate Professor Dinh xuan Ba



Accepted 21st June, 2017.

After making GC-MS analysis on Agarwood essential oil (obtained from hydrodistillation) we have data of volatile organic compounds (while non-volatile and semi-volatile compounds, phenylethyl chromones for instance, obtained from Solvent extraction and TLC analysis). From volatile organic compounds said above we pay attention to the so-called Key compounds and Dominant compounds which are defined as follows:

Key compound (KC for short) is the term that includes:

-                      Sesquiterpenes (having a common molecular formula C15H24)

-                      Sesquiterpenoids (having a common molecular formula C15H24O)

-                      Sesquiterpene alcohols (having a common molecular formula C15H26O)

in which Sesquiterpenoids and Sesquiterpene alcohols are called Dominant compound (DC for short).

Practical experiences: The higher content of dominant compound the better aromatic scent and therapeutic effects (1) (2) (3) (4)

Definition of ∑ , α and β:

∑ = [C15H24] + [C15H24O] + [C15H26O] ;  α =  ; β =    (easily seen β =  )

in which [X] is the content (%) of X.