International Journal of Agricultural Research and Reviews

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Phragmites Australis (Marsh Plant) as Wastewater Treatment Material

Ashwani Kumar Dubey and *Omprakash Sahu



In India, the most common method of disposal of waste water is by land spreading. This treatment method has numerous problems, namely high labour requirements and the potential for eutrophication of surface and ground waters. In this regard’s some other alternative have to be introduced like sand filters and wetland, which are economical as well as less process charges. Constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment have substantially developed in the last decades. As an eco-friendly treatment process, constructed wetlands may enable the effective, economical, and ecological treatment of agricultural, industrial, and municipal wastewater. The present study reviews the recent developments in wetland technology for wastewater treatment as well as focus on affect and application.


Keywords: Contaminates; dissolved; drinking water; pollutants; plant cells