International Journal of Agricultural Research and Reviews

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Assessment of the Role of Kambuwa Annual Agricultural Show to National Food Security: A Review

Y,J. Alhassan1, L.E Dorh, 2D. Epenu3,I.D. Sanchi4,N. I. Okpa5 andA. J. Sunday6




Accepted 1st April, 2021.


This paper reviewed the roles of kambuwa annual agricultural show to national food security.  Specifically, it ascertained the roles of governmental and nongovernmental agencies in organizing Agricultural shows. Similarly, the paper ascertained the step by step procedure for organizing    agricultural shows. It further identified the strategies required for improving the organizational efficiency of agricultural shows in kambuwa and Nigeria at large. It highlighted the techniques to be adopted in improving the methodologies in organizing kambuwa and national agricultural shows. The review also unveiled the preparatory procedures of agricultural shows. The paper lastly showed the impediments to successful organization of kambuwa and national agricultural shows


Keywords: Assessment, Roles, Annual Agricultural Show, Kambuwa, National Food Security.