International Journal of Agricultural Research and Reviews

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A case study of Factors affecting Broiler Production in Gumbo Payam, RejafCounty, Jubek State, South Sudan

Milton M Lado*, Abdalla M. Abdalla, Erneo B Ochi and Philip W. Marchelo-d’Ragga




Accepted 23rd June,2020.


Factors affecting broilers production in Jubek State South Sudan were determined. Primary data were collected through a structured questionnaire on demographic data. Fourty (40) broiler farmers and some households’ poultry keepers were randomly selected. Analytical system was SPSS 20 version software. The factors such as gender, age, marital status, and level education had significant effect on broilers while labour cost had a negative impact. With gender being dominated by male (82.50%), while marital status of breeders were single (57.50%), 60% were the age group of breeders between the 31-40 who reared broilers, most farmers have (2-5yrs) in keeping broilers with 57% and the farmers level of education were mostly university students with 57.5%, this is because breeders who have the education level which is high will   impart more experience of farming knowledge or skills.  Environmental challenges such as temperature, day old chicks and feeds, capital and diseases were the main problem faced by broiler farmers, leading to limitation of broiler production in the Jubek State. It is recommended that, Research on the prospect of establishing a feed processing plan in the region that will go a long way in addressing the high cost of feeds currently being imported with 88% in the country by the young and vulnerable farmers in Gumbo. Vaccination and preventive measure should be put into consideration to address the issue of common diseases like Newcastle, fowl cholera, Gambaro, and Avian Influenza. Similar study may also be done in other areas particularly the neighboring Payams or Counties on similar factors and increase awareness on broilers production.


Keywords: Broilers, Breeders, Preventive measures, cost of Feeds, Diseases