International Journal of Agricultural Research and Reviews

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Climate Change: the Impacts and Potential Benefits for the Developing Nations

Sanusi Olatunde

The paper focuses on the impacts of climate change on Nigeria’s economy. It identifies some particular sectors which global warming has actually had destructive effects, such as agriculture, mining, fishery, eco-tourism and transport. It also discusses the need for Nigeria to embrace new technology that will likely accompany climate change control. Therefore, government should team up with foreign investors and provide enabling environment for the future industry. Through the establishment of some industries, Nigeria’s socio-economic may be turned around positively. Finally, the paper proffers some suggestions on Nigeria and developing nations which can minimize the scourge of global climate: The need to intensify national awareness campaign, translate the campaign to local languages. The Federal and the State should provide 15% of their budget in the next five years to combat desert encroachment and tackle flood. Government should intensify control on oil pollution, gas flaming and the developing nations need to work with private sector and transnational corporation in the area of technologies on climate change.


Keywords: Climate, impacts, potential benefits and developing Nations