International Journal of Agricultural Research and Reviews

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Assessment of the impact of magnetically treated water on the growth and productivity of greenhouse off-soil crops

Dalous and Bali



     *Corresponding author: Bali M    | Accepted: 21/4/2023 | Published:  23/4/2023 |


Abstract: Magnetic fields are known to induce biochemical changes and may be used to stimulate crop growth-related reactions. An experimental study was carried out by the Technical Center for Protected and Geothermal Cultures (CTCP) which makes it possible to study the possibility of using drainage water for the irrigation of aboveground crops in greenhouses. To study the impact of magnetized water on tomato growth and productivity, the crops were irrigated with water passing through a magnetic field. The results showed that magnetized water irrigation has a significant positive effect on all morphological parameters examined. Magnetically treated water could be used to improve the growth and productivity of greenhouse crops.


Key words: Crops, Greenhouse, Growth, magnetic water treatment, Impact, Irrigation