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China’s Advent on Global Superpower Scene:An Applied Perspective of Power Transition Theory

Dr Sheo Nandan Pandey and Prof. Hem Kusum

China rise theory’ has of late attracted a large number of scholarships. There is a common refrain to foretell shift of power pole with rather cataclysmic aftermath to the long established world order. The paper dwells on the soundness of the proposition.  On methodological plane, critically applying the very tenets of Organski's Power Transition Theory in general and Modelski’s Long Cycle Theory in particular, the paper holds out that the shift of power pole at a point of time and/ or a status quo for another epoch of time was squarely contingent on the relative capability of the challenger ‘great power’ to ‘drive out’ and defending ‘dominant power’ to ‘force back’. An upshot on one and the other count was not enough. Startling performance of the PRC on economic front could thus, be a harbinger but not a sure shot raison d'être for the stride to the top of the pyramid. In the run up, conceding the veracity of Huntington’s precepts of ‘Uni-multipolar’ world in making, the paper foresees dawn of an epoch where the  'hegemonic power' of yesterday, the US and all others including the PRC in the fray would get to a slot of ‘more an ordinary normal major power’.


Keywords: China, rise theory, transition theory, Modelski long theory, shift of power pole