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Or Vanya Ka Mngerem (A Visitor is Like Flood): The Tiv Notion of Hospitality

Adega AP, Terna DD, Ortserga GO


Corresponding author:     Adega AP   :Received: 05.05.2022 | Accepted:  07.05.2022 | Published: 10/05/2022

Abstract: The paper Or Vanya Ka Mngerem (A Visitor is like flood): The Tiv notion of Hospitality examines the issue of hospitality in Tiv traditional and contemporary society. The motivation for this research is necessitated by the inhospitable nature of contemporary Tiv society. In collecting materials for the documentation of this paper, two main sources of data collection procedures were followed; the primary and secondary sources of data collection. In the primary source of data collection, the phenomenological, observation, and oral interview methods were used. In the secondary source, library materials from documented sources related to the topic under discussion from books, journals, e-sources, newspapers and magazines were collated for use. The paper established that the Tiv were hospitable people in the traditional society and would hardly eat without inviting those present or even passersby. Towards this the Tiv ate in the open court yard or in the ate-the reception hut. However, in the contemporary Tiv society, things have changed with the collapse of the Tiv social values and ethics. No one cares to invite a visitor to a meal or show any sign of hospitality to a guest, wanderer or passersby. In the current state of individualism, the paper calls on the Tiv to note the fact that Or Vanya Ka Mngerem (A Visitor is like flood); therefore like the flood which soon dries and empties itself in the river, a visitor leaves sooner than later. As such, while the visit lasts, the host should treat the guest well and make him/her comfortable. The paper concluded that a return to this basic principle and philosophy will once again propel the Tiv on the threshold of development, peace, tranquility and progress.


Keywords: Hospitality, Or vanya, Mngerem, Tiv