International Journal of Arts and Humanities

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Pre-Service Student-Teachers Perception of Quality Teaching Towards Block Teaching Experience

Philemon Antonio

Corresponding Author:  Antonio P:      Received:  5/8/2022 |                 Accepted:  6/8/2022

                            Published:  8//82022



Abstract: The impetus of this study is to explore and analyse the perception of student teachers of quality teaching in block teaching practice experience. The insights of student teachers sought in this research is intended to improve the practicum programs and practices tailored to the needs of student-teachers. The study employs mixed method using both qualitative and quantitative methods adopting Action Research approach with the sample size of 74 pre-service year two students. The finding of the study established that student teachers perception of quality teaching depicts four dimensions which constitutes teacher professionalism, teacher management skills, teacher preparation and the dimension of teaching skills. The study also found that mobile group supervision is perceived by student teachers as an enabling factor which significantly improves student-teacher’s block teaching practice. However, inhibiting factors explored in the supervision process in this study impedes quality teaching which calls for immediate attention by responsible people to accommodate the expressed views of student-teachers in the policy documents and programs to improve block teaching experience.  .


Keywords: Student-Teachers Perception, Teaching, Block Teaching Experience