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Nanoencapsulaed Finishes For Physical and Comfort Properties for Durable 100% Cotton Denim Fabrics

Dr. M. Sumithra




Accepted 18th February, 2015.


The garments are more susceptible to wear and tear. It is important to take into account the impact of stress and strain. The following requirements need to be satisfied to obtain maximum benefits out of the herbal finish. To enhance the efficiency of physical properties, comfort properties of 100 percent cotton denim fabrics, finishing with herbal Nanoencapsulated method was done. The properties were analyzed and compared between before wash and after 10, 20 and 30 washes respectively followed by ENISO 20645 standard method. The Nanoencapsulated finished fabrics showed good durable physical and comfort properties. This study concludes that The Fabric count (Ne) in the warp direction and weft direction was increased after the application of the finishes. There was no reduction noticed after washing. The Fabric weight (g/m2) and the Fabric thickness (mm) were considerably decreased in the finished and the washed sample. The drapabilty of the sample was found increased after washes, along with air permeability increase during washing out of starch and other material from the pores, which resulted in wearing comfort. The maximum crease recovery was noticed in finished samples. Further the stiffness was found predominantly reduced after washing. In turn the above characters enhanced the wearing capacity of the denim fabric free from dermatitis.


Keywords: Comfort properties, Cotton, ENISO 20645, Herbal finish, Nanoencapsulated, Physical properties