International Journal of Arts and Humanities

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Human and Children’s Rights, in Southeastern Nigeria: Visual Arts Perspective

Osita, Williams Agoagbara Ph.D.




Accepted 9th March, 2020


Human Rights may be viewed as significant rules, norms or principles guiding and protecting the effective existence of man, regardless of status or race, as supported by Egbomuche-Okeke (2006). It is the position of the study that no massive growth and development may be achieved without human. The study, therefore, tries to situate human, particularly, children as future and hope of tomorrow and shares the view that children neglected, abused, deprived and unprotected are future neglected, deprived and unprotected, therefore, Human and Children’s’ right must be hugely protected for futuristic focus. Again, it is observed that most people in the southeastern Nigeria are deprived, abused and neglected with the resultant effect of retrogression, retardation, and intimidation, which to a greater degree may affect the growth and development of ndigbo. The study considers visual arts as massive human endeavor that inspires and synergizes creativity and sustainable development but its neglected, including other agencies that could galvanize effective development of ndigbo. Different studies have been carried out in different aspects of human rights as well as visual arts, there may not be significant and comprehensive studies on this subject, hence the study. Primary and Secondary sources of data collation are used to achieve the objectives of the study. Again, the objectives are further achieved against the backdrop of Art Formalism and Historical Theories. Findings include human and children’s rights are neglected, visual arts and entrepreneurship ignored, High rate of school dropout, youth unemployment and others. Conclusively, visual arts should be mobilized as a counter strategy to enhance creativity and youth empowerment. Human rights should be guided to secure the future of the future generation of ndigbo. The projected conclusion paved way for further recommendations.


Keywords: Human and Children’s Rights,  Visual Arts