International Journal of Arts and Humanities

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Visual Arts and Tourism in the Wheel of Sustainable Development

Osita, Williams A. Ph.D




Accepted 28th June, 2020.


Visual arts may be considered a significant and sustainable route to knowledge and technological advancement and should be projected to promote tourism which could galvanize sustainable development with astute precision. Art is life, it promotes culture, entertainment, education, tourism, therapeutically, it heals, and aesthetically appealing, these among others are some specific benefits visual arts could offer to man and the society if properly harmonized, integrated and projected in the wheel of sustainable development. However, different studies may have been carried out by different scholars and researchers on tourism and the visual arts as a discipline, but no significant or comprehensive studies have channeled in the above direction hence the study. Primary and secondary sources of data collation, including participant observation method of research were used to achieve the objective of the study. Some of the findings include that visual arts and tourism are veritable tools for sustainable development. Visual arts and tourism are neglected in the development agenda of Nigeria. The study observes that there is over dependency on trivial issues like corruption, looting, extra judicial killings, rape, agitations, primitive acquisition of wealth against values, norms, human capacity building, technological breakthrough, education and others that may enhance sustainable development. These were followed by conclusion and possible recommendations.


Keywords: Visual Arts, Tourism, development