International Journal of Arts and Humanities

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Visual Arts Culture as Indispensable Phenomena for Sustainable National Development

Osita, Williams A. Ph.D




Accepted 14th September, 2020.


Visual arts - Painting, Architecture, Graphics, Sculpture, Ceramics, Textiles designs, Photography and others are important phenomena in the development of advanced nations today. This is contrary to Nigeria situation where emphasis is shifted from realities to certificate and certification against the backdrop of skill acquisition, which could inspire sustainable growth and innovative technology. The study therefore, situates visual arts culture as indispensable phenomena that may trigger sustainable development, and calls for decolonization, deconstruction, reconstruction, restructure, de-emphasis, recomposition, and or decomposition of colonial administrators' mentality and system of education which appears inimical, consequently, dwarfed and crippled Nigeria's education and mentality, amounting to retrogression, epileptic, corona virusism as well as human capacity deficiency syndromes, thereby systematically, paving way to economic woes, chaos and anarchy in Nigeria social system. The study considers education as a huge process of effecting a desirable change in behavior and skill of man, helping him face the challenges and improvement of man and the society. Visual arts, not certificate acquisition position and promote the right values, skills and creative driven orientation that could restore the dignity of man and society. Little or no comprehensive studies may have been done in this direction, hence the research. Primary and secondary sources of data collation, including participant observations are employed to achieve the objectives of the study. Some of the findings include; visual arts provide avenues for creative exploration, self dependency, promotion of tourism and entrepreneurship, therapeutic, emotional and psychological comforts and others are achieved. These are followed by conclusion and recommendations.


Keywords: Visual arts culture, National Development.