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Arts And Crafts: Panacea for Sustainable Livelihood in Nigeria IDP Camps

1Ogu, Jovita C. (Ph.D), 2Mrs Ukwuije, Ijeoma C, 1Egornu Chizoba A. (Ph.D) and 1Okpulor Kingsley U.



Accepted 29th June, 2020.


At the moment, records show that there are over 4 million internally displaced persons in Nigeria. This paper tries to define internally displaced persons as people who have been forced to flee their homes to avoid the effects of armed conflicts, violence, violation of human rights or natural/human made disasters and who have not crossed an internally recognized boarder. It is a descriptive study that used observation and interview to gather the data. The paper observed the challenges faced in IDP camps to include insecurity, insufficient supply of basic needs such as foods, medications and personal needs among others. It also discusses the meaning, types and materials of arts and crafts as used in the context of this paper. The paper also discusses the benefits of the proposed training on arts and crafts to the internally displaced persons to include making them self reliant and productive. It therefore concludes that the situation in IDP camps calls for a long term solution plan that goes beyond provision of immediate basic needs such as foods, and medications. It should rather be extended to acquisition of art skills to sustain the beneficiaries beyond their temporary stay in IDP camps. The paper recommends among others that the authorities concerned should provide all the needed logistics for training in arts and crafts to empower IDP for sustainable livelihood


Keywords: Arts and crafts, internally displaced persons, sustainable livelihood, IDP camps.