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Qualitative Entrepreneurial Programme: A Road Map To Fighting Unemployment In Southeastern Nigeria

Ogbonna Caroline Amuma Ph.D




Accepted 14th September, 2020.


The study investigated on quality entrepreneurship programme, a road map to fighting unemployment in Southeastern Nigeria. It emphasizes on the need for entrepreneurship education in institution of learning that would equip graduates with the necessary skills to be self reliant and start up business on their own. The study was guided by two research questions and one hypothesis. The four part-likert type rating scale was used to rate the question containing twenty items. The population of the study was three thousand staff and students. A sample size of one thousand comprising two hundred staff and eight hundred students were drawn through random sampling techniques. Data collected was analyzed with frequency table, percentages, mean score, pooled mean and chi-square. Interview extract were used also to solicit more information. The findings indicated that the various entrepreneurship skills impacted positively on the students. They are found to be self reliance and prepared for the world of works. They have been exposed to various field of life through the laid down NUC curriculum. Among other things, they can make soap, detergent, process food like bread, juice, engage in agriculture, building technology, mechanical, electronic, computer accessories etc. The entrepreneurship skills have also equipped them with knowledge and skills to make business plans, feasibility studies and develop entrepreneurship activities. The study thereby, recommends that the development of entrepreneurship programmes should be constantly reviewed and redesigned to achieve the minimum academic standard for undergraduate. Credit and loan scheme should be set up to enable graduates set up small business enterprises. Above all funding and infrastructure should be increased because of the capital nature of the entrepreneurship programme designed.


Keywords: Qualitative, Entrepreneur, Programme, Unemployment, Southeastern Nigeria.