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A critical evaluation of the essay ‘The Crown of Wild Olive”; A hallmark of Ruskin’s socialism

Urwah Tul Wusqua Khalid




Accepted 7th February, 2021.


Ruskin’s Crown of Wild Olive is a combination of lectures which addresses workers, traders, and soldiers. Ruskin wants to investigate them to know about the real nature. He investigates various contemporary socio-economic problems and offers his own point of view about their solution. He was a social reformer possessing all qualifications of a social reformer. As a critic Hobson in his book of Ruskin as social reformer, states that Ruskin possessed “Special qualification is for social and economic; for he was a skilled specialist in the finer qualities of work which men put into the raw material supplied by nature in order to furnish the necessaries of human consumption”


Keywords:  Socialism, Industrialization, Economic problems, Reformation