International Journal of Arts and Humanities

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Visual Arts as Intellectual Property, Southeastern Nigeria Dimension.

Osita, Williams Agoagbara Ph.D.





Accepted 17th July, 2019.


Visual arts may be considered a massive intellectual property based on its numerous contributions to knowledge, creativity, imagination, technology as well as human and national development. The study considers visual arts as ideas, feelings, expressions by man through certain media on two- or three-dimensional platforms and may be viewed a significant route to knowledge, aesthetic awareness, entrepreneurial and human development. Despite its numerous contributions to the wider society, its potency is neglected and relegated to the background. Again, researches have been carried out in different areas of visual arts, without comprehensive studies on this subject in relation to Ndigbo, hence the study. Primary and secondary sources of data collation are used to achieve the objectives of the study, including unstructured interviews and photographs. The objectives are further achieved against the backdrop of art formalism and art historical theories. The findings include: Ndigbo are acclaimed for the quality of their art works which have positioned them culturally, creatively and industrially as exemplified by the archaeological findings of 1959 by Thurstan Shaw in Igboukwu as supported by Ekpo (2008). Again, Ndigbo are situated as great historical, creative, cultural and artistic architecture in Igbo communities and beyond. Visual arts epitomizes intellectual property as noted by Uche Okeke, and Chike Aniakor (2012),Conclusively, visual arts as intellectual enterprise inspires strategic remoulding and remodelling of man, science, technology, culture, aesthetics and economic enterprises which may trigger sustainable national development. The findings and projected conclusion paved way for recommendations.


Keywords: Visual arts, intellectual property, Southeastern Nigeria.