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Michael Arukwe Ijioma in the History and Development of Contemporary Nigerian Art Abia State University Perspective

Osita, Williams A. Ph.D.





Accepted 18th July, 2019.


The study tries to situate Michael Ijioma as a body of knowledge who has inspired the growth and development of knowledge in the fields of visual arts, geography, estate management, Environmental Resource Management, and others in the faculty of environmental studies of Abia State University, Uturu, Nigeria and beyond. Different studies have been carried out in the Sciences, Social Sciences, Computer, Visual arts and others without comprehensive biographical studies of scholars, inventors, academics of note, creative thinkers, writers, technologists and others. Documentations and biographical studies are salient areas of art historical researches in contemporary times, hence the study. Primary and secondary sources of data collation including unstructured interviews were used to achieve the objectives of the study. However, the study highlights Michael Ijioma’s personal, national, and international achievements in relation to knowledge, not only in geography, visual arts but faculty of environmental studies, Abia State University, Uturu, Nigeria. This is followed by conclusion and recommendations.


Keywords: Michael Ijioma, visual arts, geography, estate management, Environmental Resource Management, Uturu, Nigeria.