International Journal of Arts and Humanities

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Breaking the Migration-Radicalisation myth : A de-radicalisation Process of youth among the Somali Migrants in Eastleigh, Nairobi, Kenya

F.O Ekevere




Accepted 29th July, 2019.


The paper takes the view that there is a profound relationship between migration and the radicalization process of society. Migration is not necessarily bad but if conducted in an orderly manner could lead to an economic boom. The objective is to study the contribution the youth make to economic development to dissuade them from radicalization that leads to terror activities. We argue that when the youth are occupied in an economic generating activity they have little time for radicalization leading to terrorist actitivities.The fear by western countries not to allow a flow of migrants to their home countries is uncalled for. While it is true that terrorists can take advantage of the good will of host nation  to cause terror, the good outweighs the bad. We use empirical data from Somali migrants in Nairobi, Kenya to show the positive net contributions to job creation,employment and economic growth of the host country, Kenya.


Keywords:  Migration, Radicalisation, de-radicalisation, Somali Migrants,Kenya