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The Inconsistencies and Shifting Fortunes of the Bali- German Alliance, 1889-1916

Adig Mathias Azang (PhD)




Accepted 8th June, 2019.


The First World War (1914- 1918)began in Europe and extended to Africa because European were present on the continent. The war abridged relations not only between European powers but also with most of its African allies. Such was the case of the entente of the Bali-German Treaty running since 1891 but became punctured by the war uncertainties. The likelihood of a possible German return placed Bali in the predicament of accepting the British and risks the vindictive hand of the Germans. Bali chose therefore to ally with the British as their new master. Obviously, the Germans did not take this Bali stance kindly as falling short of open betrayal. The Germans consequently responded with utmost vengeance placing Bali in a horrible state. This paradoxical and changing pattern in Bali-German relations during the war in Cameroon is the principal argument in this study. It establishes the premise that the extension of the First World War to Cameroon0placed Bali in a dilemma and strained the Bali-German long standing bond. The work concludes that the war transformed former allies to arch adversary.


Keywords: Bali-Germans, First World War, British-French, Paradoxes