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Negative Impact of Globalization on Indigenous Cultures: the Case of Salale Oromo, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia

Zewde Getahun




Accepted 2nd July, 2019.


The aim of this article is to assess the negative impact of globalization on indigenous cultures in general and North Shewa in particular. The research is conducted based on qualitative methodology which used in-depth individual interview and observation which helps to raise a better understanding about negative impact of globalization on indigenous cultures. The key informants were taken from selected five towns of North Shewa zone of Oromia regional statewhich include Fitchetown, Garba Guracha town, Gowa Tsion town, TulluMilki town and Debre Tsige town of Ethiopia. The main objectives of this article is to explain the dimensions of the negative impact of globalization on indigenous Ethiopian cultures such as language, food style, dressing style, marriage, religion and history. In the process of globalization, there is an interaction of cultures and thus, there is a borrowing and transmission of cultures among societies. This is in itself not unusual. But unusual is the domination of one culture over the other. This is true of globalization which has generated a lot of controversy with regards to the rise of a global culture. In the rise of a global culture, Western norms are gradually being transported across the globe as acceptable way of behavior and Ethiopia is one of African countries affected in this regard. Those some valued indigenous Ethiopian culture has been diluted and some of them are totally cancelled. So, Ethiopia is fast running the risk of cultural atrophy consequent of the current logic of globalization. If pressing measures are not taken, perhaps indigenous Ethiopian cultures will soon run into extinction in the future. 


Keywords: Globalization, indigenous cultures, negative impact, North Shewa Zone, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia.