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The Concept of Traditional Marriage among The Urhobo People Of Delta State.

Mrs. Philomena E. Sodje



Accepted 9th July, 2018.


Traditional marriage is one of the ceremonies that depict the rich cultural heritage of Urhobo people. When traditional marriage is contracted, several factors are put into consideration in order to properly observe the tradition of the land. However, many young people today do not know much about the tradition of the land. This is because they have migrated from home and the elders do not teach them about them. It is against this background that the researcher decided to make several researches on the history of the Urhobo people and how marriage is contracted in the land. In the course of the research work, the writer made use of the library, internet materials, journals, questionnaires and oral interviews. These were done to ensure a better research.  In the work, several arguments were put up on how the Urhobo people contract marriages today. Modernization and Christianity have greatly influenced the way traditional marriage is being conducted among the people. The trend is worrisome. Also, modern civilization and Christianity are threats to the rich cultural heritage of the people. However, this researcher observed that the greatest threat was negligence on the part of the stakeholders. For instance, if a lady whose bride price has not being paid is seen with pregnancy by the parents, such parents are supposed to do everything possible to ensure proper marriage of their daughter. The girl leaves the home to stay with the young man, without considering the implications. Both the tradition and Christian religion frown greatly at such attitude. Overtime, several changes have taken place in the way and manner in which the traditional marriage is contracted. These changes also have other challenges. This writer sees the need for proper education on the tradition of the people. It is not everything about the tradition that is idolatrous as some assume. Also, modern civilization has greatly influenced the way traditional marriage is celebrated today.  In conclusion, it is therefore the opinion of this researcher that Urhobo people should try to preserve the cherished culture of the land by using the traditional marriage as a tool.


Keywords: Traditional Marriage, Urhobo People, Delta State.