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The Relevance of Interdisciplinary Approach to the Study of Nigeria History.

Nnuriam Paul Chigozie




Accepted 7th June, 2018


African societies were looked upon as societies that had no history. European scholars and writers like Frederick Hegel, Herbert Spencer, Hugh Trevor Rober and others regarded Africa as having no history at all before the advent of Europeans because there were no abundant written sources like what was obtained in Europe. As A. P Newton and other scholars had stated, History is concerned almost entirely with written records and can only make subsidiary use of the material remains with which the archaeologist and the anthropologists are concerned. Thus, one of the causes of the decline and lack of interest in African history particularly Nigeria History stems from its historiography and accessing the sources of information concerning the pre-literate and past events of Nigeria. Against this background, this work examines the interdisciplinary approach to the study of Nigeria history, and explores its relevance to Nigeria History and Historiography. This study argues that interdisciplinary approach will not only bridge the gap on the dearth of Nigeria history but as well made history to be attractive as it moves its study and practice to the public.


Keywords: Interdisciplinary Approach, Nigeria History.