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Deflection of the sigmoid volvulus by Faucher's probe: indications; Technical and interest.

K. Rabbani, A. Maroua ; O. Jaddi ; A. Louzi ; B. Finech




Accepted 6th July, 2017


The volvulus of the sigmoid is responsible for a mechanical occlusion which classifies it in emergency medical-surgical. If his diagnosis is more or less easy; Its therapeutic strategy differs from school to school. The resection with ostomy is probably done in case of necrosis or peritonitis; The other therapeutic options are ideal colectomy or two-stage co-lectomy after surgical twisting. As far as we are concerned ; We always attempt a detention by a Faucher probe followed by a cold colectomy in the same hospitalization. We will describe the conditions under which we implement this strategy; Our technique of detangling by the Faucher probe and the interest we have in relation to other therapeutic methods. We performed a retrospective series of 53 cases of volvulus of the sigmoid treated in the department of visceral surgery at the Marrakech University Hospital spread over a period of 5 years. Twelve patients underwent emergency surgery in front of a table of peritonitis or sign of necrosis. While 41 patients had a detanglement by the Faucher probe. The male predominance is at 88.6%. The most affected age group is between 60 and 80 years and involved 24 patients, ie 45.28%. The success rate of detangling by mowing probe reached 80 percent. Only 4 patients were operated in emergency after failure of the detorsion. Mortality is 1 percent in total. The morbidity is minimal in the group of probe twisting.


Keywords: volvulus; Sigmoid; Occlusion; Untwisting; Colonic resection.