International Journal of Arts and Humanities

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Actions and their Eventualities: Reviewing Political Campaign Actions in Zimbabwe.

Obediah Dodo, Christine Mwale, Gloria Dodo, Rebecca Paraziva and Alois Muzenje



Accepted 28th July, 2017


The study that sought to understand the essence of action in a political contestation and its effects on the intended targets was conducted qualitatively through an exploratory approach. The study focused on a selection of actions (street running, picketing, silence, assault, rowdy behaviour, rape, murder, raids) that were applied by political youth in Chipadze Township in 2008. A sample of 20 former youth activists were interviewed and complimented by archival records and academic literature. 20 youths (8 females and 12 males) aged between 20 and 30 were purposively random sampled from Ward 6 in Chipadze township, Bindura. Analysis of data was done using Latent Content Analysis. The study amongst several findings established that action as a political strategy had proven to be very effective though prone to serious abuse if the involved parties were of low intellect and working under a dictatorial leadership.


Keywords: Action, human rights, politics, youth activism, youth violence.