International Journal of Arts and Humanities

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Teachers’ Perception and Management Strategies of Behavioral Problems in Primary School Children

Hafiza kiran ashraf, Kiran komal and Mr Ali Abbas



Accepted 28th July, 2017


The current research examined the perception of primary school teachers about the occurrence and management of behavioral problems of pupils. The sample consisted of 60 primary school teachers, both males and females, within the age bracket of 20 to 50 years. The sample was approached in a non-segregated private school system. A questionnaire was used to assess the perception of teachers. Data was analyzed qualitatively using content analysis. Results revealed that perceptions of occurrences of both the conduct and the emotional problems were significantly different for boys and girls. The results identified the three most frequently perceived conduct problems as: noise making, talking without permission and unauthorized movement in class. The three most frequent perceived emotional problems were: lack of focus, over reliance on teacher and anxiety about the lesson. Teachers employed reinforcement strategies more frequently to deal with these problems. Parental neglect was identified as the most commonly perceived cause of behavioral problems. This study holds significant implications for academia.


Keywords: Teachers’ Perception, Primary School Children, Behavioral Problems, Management Strategies, Perceived Gender Differences.