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Death, Pains and Sorrows: Empirics from the Periodicity of Road Traffic Accidents in Tarraba State, Nigeria.

1Okpiliya, F. I., 1Ekwok, I., 1 Inah Okon, 1 Magaji, K. I. and 2Olaleye, O. O.



Accepted 14th September, 2016


The rising trend in accident rate all over the world today cannot be overemphasized. These series of accidents on our roads have left many families under perpetual disarray and mourning. The objectives of this study therefore were to examine the trend of road traffic accidents and the extent of casualties in Taraba state. Three hundred and forty eight copies of questionnaire were distributed to registered drivers in the sixteen local government areas of the state. The questionnaire contained information about their driving experience and the causes of accidents. Also, information on causes of road traffic accidents, number of injured and death persons and the type of vehicles involved in accidents were collected from FRSC, Jalingo. Analysis of variance was used to test for the variation in road traffic accident casualties in the area between 2001 and 2013. It has the form EE(X2) – X2 = EEni (x1 – x)2 + EEi(X2j) j = j = 1. The result of the study indicated that there was significant variation in road traffic accidents casualties during the study period since the calculated value of 16.97 was greater than the table value of 2.53 which led to the acceptance of the alternate hypothesis. It was also discovered that during the study period, 1546 accident cases were recorded.


Keywords: Death, Pains, Sorrows, Road, Traffic, Accidents.