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Yemen Crises and the Role of Saudi Arabia.

Fozia Jan and Shazia Majid



Accepted 20th December, 2016


Long since the eruption of conflict in Middle East, Yemen and the adjacent region has seen tremendous drifts and shifts.  And the ongoing conflict (having displaced millions of people), is far more complex than a Shia-Sunni Conflict. The Houthis and the Yemenese government have battled on-and-off since 2004 with great devastation. The problem is not that the peace is not landed back in the region, but negotiation is not channeled in a positive way and role played by the regional players of Middle East as well as the major western powers is totally discouraging. In fact, UN is in itself has a greater role to play for peace (for what it was established). There is a need to change the perceptions towards the conflict as it has already crossed the Human Rights parameters. This paper has contributed in highlighting the issue its repercussions and role of major regional played of Middle East (Saudi Arabia).


Keywords: Yemen Conflict, Saudi Arabia, United Nations, Houthis.