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International regulatory basis of the right to freedom of association

Assistant professor: Dashgin Ganbarov



Accepted 22nd June, 2017


Freedom of association plays important role in human rights system with its quite long historical roots. Protection of freedom of association is one of the important obligations that states undertook in modern times. Protection of freedom of association can be acknowledged as protection of fundamental human rights.  One of the important points deserving attention is that in modern times, enforcement of freedom of association means observance of democratic principles. Enforcement of freedom of association is the indicator of protection of human rights in general. In this context, it may be argued that freedom of association has come into focus since the time protection of general human rights became a pressing issue. It should be taking into consideration that mechanisms of protection of human rights emerged actively after the World War II. Actually, legal basis for protection of human rights was for the time reflected in the UN Charter. The reason, why the UN pays special attention to the protection of human rights, was explained in the preamble of the charter of the organization. International regulatory basis of freedom of association deserves attention for its thoroughness. Numerous conventions of non-regulatory nature or with full legal force ensure effective regulation of freedom of association.


Keywords: freedom of association, human rights, society, state, international acts, association