International Journal of Arts and Humanities

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An Investigation on the Study Habits of Class X Students in Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh State.

Shaik.Liyakhath Ali.



Accepted 9th August, 2016


As we know Quality indicators in Teacher education includes Curriculum, Pedagogy, Teaching practice, Personality development, Communication skills, Provision for inclusive education and technology based education i.e. ICT integrated Education needs to be incorporated for ensuring quality. The teachers have to understand the changing roles and functions of education in general and School Education in particular. In this study investigators try to understand measure and identify the influence of quality indicator Study Habits on Success in Academic Achievement of X class students in Mahabubnager District. In Chittoot district most of the students are first generation learners. Teacher’s commitment and parents supervision is totally lacking and financial constraints are influencing study habits of children. Hence it was proposed to study the influence of some of the personal and demographic variables and identify the causes for variations in Study habits with different family backgrounds. By studying these factors it may be possible to improve standards in Academic subjects by adopting innovations in study habits of children and suggest remedial measures and provide timely suggestions to update the teacher education curriculum and see that teachers should be equipped more and more skills like skimming and scanning in order to develop better study habits of the students so as to bring uniformity in Achievement levels of students in Chittoor district.


Keywords: Study Habits, Achievement, Migration, Demographic, Innovations.