International Journal of Arts and Humanities

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Marriage and Parenting on Facebook: An Asynchronous Online Focus Group Discussion

Ngatchu Damen Nyinkeu



Accepted 15th July, 2016.


This paper reports an investigation on the changing dynamics of marriage and parenting among Africans all over the world. The high divorce rates; increase number of single parent families and “cold wars” in marriages are no joy for the human race. Despite the obvious and regrettably accepted changes in marriage and parenting among circular cultures, little is known about how these dynamics are affecting the views and opinions of Africans in an increasingly global world. Using Facebook – a social media website, as the platform for a focus group discussion, the research gathered views and opinions of Africans all over the world regarding marriage and parenthood education. The findings have been presented and the implications discussed as an eye opener for readers.


Keywords: Family Life; Marriage; Parenthood Education; Social Media; Grounded Theory