International Journal of Arts and Humanities

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Reflecting the Nigerian Society in Nollywood Movies

Imhanobe HJ


Corresponding author:    Imhanobe  JH :Received: 05.04.2022 | Accepted: |  Published: 18/04/2022  

Abstract: Film art is relevant in the development of every nation’s image. Around the world films speak volumes. This notwithstanding, the movie industry is faced with serious challenges. The concern of this study is Nollywood exploration of ritualism as a dominant feature of the Nigerian society. The Magic Bullet theory is used as conveying external stimuli that can condition anyone to behave in whatever way a master propagandist wants. The Qualitative method is used for the collection of data for analysis. The result of the study shows that ritualistic crimes highlight in the analyzed movies are not Nollywood invented but are rather constant features of the Nigeria culture. We therefore recommend that Nollywood filmmakers should be encouraged to de-emphasize the celebration and glamorization of ritually acquired wealth.

Keywords: Nigerian Society, Nollywood Movies