International Journal of Arts and Humanities

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Idowu Akinrolabu: The Making of a Mouth-Painter

Folorunso Akinwinsola




Accepted 11th March, 2020.


The subject of this research is a Nigerian tetraplegic, Idowu Akinrolabu, who, despite his disabilities, took a career in art and became famous in mouth-painting, (an act of painting done with painting brush held in the mouth as a result of disability that prohibits the use of hand). With his art style, professional contribution, coupled with contemplative depth of his creative vision, one would have thought that the artist would attract a spontaneous and incisive documentation and visibility. Contrary to this expectation, all he got was a casual mention in the print media. For this reason therefore, the study becomes imperative in addressing the imbalance in the documentation. The methodology of data gathering relied solidly on primary and secondary sources of information. These materials will be used to evaluate the textual, contextual, conceptual and stylistic qualities of the artist’s works. Idowu Akinrolabu belongs to the younger generation of modern Nigeria artists whose painting technique, not only made a valuable contribution to the visual arts development in Nigeria, but is indeed celebration of the essence of humanity and a demonstration of the enormous capability that lies within man.


Keywords: Idowu Akinrolabu,  Mouth-Painter