International Journal of Arts and Humanities

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The Conflation of Drama in Education and Music Education Techniques, to Cultivate Self-Esteem Skills for High School Children

1Maria-EleniDiktampanidou, MA and 2AsteriosTsiaras, PhD




Accepted 25th February, 2021.


The aim of this article is to demonstrate the research process that was carried out at a class of high school children. For the purposes of this experimental research, sixteen interventions based on drama in education (DIE) and music-education (ME) techniques were designed and applied on a sample of twenty-two students. The research included interview and questionnaire data and the statistical analysis of data revealed that the combination of techniques of DIE and ME and their use on high school children had a positive effect on the self-esteem of adolescents of this grade. Thus, more attention should be paid to a DIE and ME based curriculum if adolescents are to be helped to reinforce their self-esteem.


Keywords: Drama in Education (DIE), Music Education (ME), self-esteem, intervention.