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Assessment of Nomadic Education Programme and Need for Effective Art Education for Herdsmen in Imo State

1Ogu Jovita C. Ph.D, 2Egornu Chizoba A. Ph.D and 3G.C. OnyebuchI-Igbokwe Ph.D




Accepted 13th September, 2020.


Nomadic Education Programme was designed to serve the educational needs of the Nigerian nomads as well as close the existing gap in the conventional approaches and strategies of the mainstream formal education system to achieve the nation’s educational objectives. In view of the above, the paper examines the objectives of Nomadic Education Programme (NEP) and its level of implementation in Imo State. On-the-spot assessment visits to the various nomadic schools in the area to determine their level of compliance regarding the implementation of the policy objectives were carried out. It is a descriptive study that used observation and interview to gather the data. It was discovered that compliance by beneficiaries and resources development are too poor and these have affected the aims and objectives of the programme to a greater extent. Conclusively, the inability to utilize the above factors successfully has contributed drastically to the menace of incessant maiming and killing of innocent farmers and their family members by the herdsmen in Imo State. The study recommends among others that effective teaching and learning of art skills and crafts in Nomadic schools will go a long way to engage the herdsmen and their family members meaningfully thereby bringing down their menace in the affected areas.


Keywords: Nomadic Education, Art Education, Herdsmen.