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Leadership Qualities Needed Of A Christian Leader In The Contemporary Nigerian Society

Professor Sarwuan Daniel Shishima




Accepted 30th November, 2020.


The greatest problem of any nation is that of leadership. It is the leadership that drives development in any nation be it economic, scientific or technological. Therefore, leadership is the pivot in all human endeavor whether at home, political setting or religious. Every leader has a duty within his/her jurisdiction, at the family level, political level corporate or religious. For the clergy, it is his/her parishioners who look up to him for moral and spiritual guidance. Therefore, there are certain qualities that are expected of a Christian leader in any society and not just in Nigeria. This paper focuses on the qualities needed of a Christian leader in the contemporary Nigerian society. Using library research approach qualitatively, the paper examines the concept, leadership, types of leadership, the role of a Christian leader in the Nigerian society as well as the challenges confronting Christian leaders in the contemporary Nigerian society and the way forward. The main findings of the paper are: many Christian leaders in Nigeria do not have leadership qualities needed of a leader. Many are suffering from the quest for materialism, corruption, lack of knowledge, mentorship, greed, arrogance and pride. Thus, the paper suggests sound education, mentorship, moral uprightness and hard work for all Christian leaders in Nigeria. The paper finally draws a conclusion that the level of moral decadence and corruption in the Nigerian society calls for Christians and the Christian leaders to wake up and provide good effective, active and efficient leadership that will place the society on the pedestal of economic/social development, political stability and above all, spiritual rejuvenation.


Keywords: Leadership Qualities, Contemporary Nigerian Society