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Priesthood in the Old Testament: A Panacea for Good Governance in Nigeria

Bello O.S and Famoroti A.J


Corresponding Author: Bello O.S:   Received: 29/8/2022  Accepted:  8/9/2022 Published: 15//9/2022


Abstract: This research work examined the effectiveness of priesthood in the Old Testament: as a panacea for good governance in Nigeria.  Generally speaking, people believe that the term priest denoted religious functionaries whose activities are concerned with the right performance of the ritual acts required by the divine power and Supernatural Being. Even some scholars enumerated that priest is an authorised minister of God who, on behalf of a community officiated at the altar and in other rites, acting as a mediator. In other word, a chosen officer or prince with the capacity to draw near to God and he also responsible for offering the divinely appointed sacrifices to God, for executing the different procedures and ceremonies relating to the worship of God, and for being a representative between God and man. Contrary to some scholars’ believe that priestly functions were limited to sacred and sacrificial activities. This research argued that priests could influence or bring positive changes to Nigerian politics. Narration and analysis of data were the two methodological approaches employed to interpret the materials.  The findings revealed that our nation (Nigeria) is blessed with priests like the Old Testament who could also play a leading role in electing God fearing leaders like the ethical prophets in the Old Testament and discourage them from performing irresponsible acts such as; embezzlement, kidnapping, money ritual etc. This work concluded and recommended that negligence of priests in political affairs of our country (Nigeria) is a major cause of chaos in our governance. Since our leaders are mostly members of religious bodies, then, the adherent of various religions should advise them to work towards the tenet of each religion. Believing that no religious tenet preaches thuggery, political killing etc. These approaches proved to be effective as they allowed for consultation and evaluation of a great number of existing arguments. 


Keywords: Priesthood, Old Testament, Panacea, Good Governance, Nigeria