International Journal of Arts and Humanities

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The Confronts of Covid-19 Pandemic on the Church in Nigeria

Jando FS, Gemade CM, Saluun PM.


Corresponding Author:      Jando FS :      Received: 26/7/2022 | Accepted:  28/7/2022 |Published:  30/7/2022

Abstract: Corona virus pandemic has impacted so much challenges around the world. It has not spared any strata of the social and religious sphere in Nigeria. The situation has greatly affected the activities of the Church and pastoral work. The severity of the pandemic left much dread and nervousness. As a result, desperate measures were taken to curb the virus. In response to the lockdown, most Churches in Nigeria adopted other ways of preaching the gospel. The paper employed phenomenological method while data is sourced through primary and secondary fonts. The findings reveal that most of the Churches adapted home services, house fellowships and media in order to reach their targeted audience. The paper recommends that COVID-19 should never keep them away from God but to exercise more faith in him than preventive protocols.


Keywords: Covid-19 Pandemic, Church, Nigeria