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Epistemic Value of Consciousness in Altered experience

Ucheoma CS


  Received: 24/11/2022 | Accepted:  4/4/2023

        Published: 3/5/2023         



Abstract: This paper engages in a systematic evaluation of knowledge gained in altered experiences of consciousness. It explains the significance and value of consciousness from the perspective of an altered experience.  The argument of this paper is that there are shades of awareness in altered state of consciousness which can be remembered: Thus it explores the role of internal feeling of selfhood, sub-personal, intentionality and existence in altered states of consciousness using perceptual analysis. This allows philosophical arguments, experience and thought experiments have a role to play in supplying the missing explanatory gap in understanding the place of conscious in altered states of experience.  This is anchored on the theoretical framework is intersubjectivity.


Keywords: Anaesthesia, Consciousness, Experience, Altered consciousness, Drugs, Causation, Hallucinations, Perception, Sub-personal, Naturalized epistemology, Naturalized Philosophy of Mind, memory, Philosophy of Memory